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Language Courses

German as a Second Language (DaZ)

Would you like to learn to speak German? In Nuremberg we offer integration language courses which lead to B1 language level. These courses are government funded by the Federal Office for Migration. Just come into our office and we will inform you about the courses offered.

Would you like to give your staff a language course where they gain the necessary confidence to communicate with their foreign business partners? Or maybe your aim is to learn German as a Second Language (DaZ)? Then take advantage of our language experience, gathered over ten years. You will be helped to achieve your dream by competent and trained native speakers - in language courses which are individually designed to suit your needs:

Company Courses

Is your aim to prepare yourself for a business trip abroad? Is your company planning on developing new markets overseas? In our company language courses we give you and your colleagues the necessary competence to communicate with your foreign business partners. Numerous well-known local companies are currently benefitting from our special offers for business customers.

Children's courses

Learning while playing - that's possible in our children's courses. We offer primary courses from age 5 to fourth grade in our premises - or we come into kindergartens or primary schools if required.

Children's courses

Have you retired and are currently looking for a new challenge? Now you have the time to learn that language which you always wanted to do. Have a look at our courses for senior citizens where like-minded people of a similar age learn together in an enjoyable atmosphere.

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Freitag 13:00 - 17:00 Uhr
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